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Penumatic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X

The high pressure polyurea spraying machine is used for water-proof and anti-abrasive coat spraying.

  • BDF-X
  • BOBO
  • Pneumatic drive
  • 1:1, fixed
  • 220V,50/60Hz, 3Phase
Pneumatic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X

I Description
The High Pressure polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X  can be applied under various construction situations and it is suitable for multiple double component materials, such as polyurea elastomer, polyurethane all-water foam, polyurethane foam material, polyurethane adhesive and sealants.

Penumatic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X-1
Penumatic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X-2
Penumatic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X-3
Penumatic Polyurea Spray Machine BDF-X-4

II Main technical data
Model BDF-X
Max. Flow capacity 2-8kg/min
Viscosity range 200-1000CPS
Mixing ratio 1:1, fixed ratio
Heating power 4500W*2
Heating temperature range 0℃~90℃
Power source 3-phase, 4-wires
Air source 120psi  1.2m3/min
Output pressure 9-18Mpa
Dimension 930x800x1210mm
Weight 125KG
Standard configuration
Main machine, one set
Feeding pump, two pieces
Spray gun, one piece
Gun connection hose 2 m, one set
Heating hose 15m, one set

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