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High pressure polyurethane foam spraying machine BDF-IV

The high pressure polyurethane foam spraying machine BDF-IV is the upgraded one with higher working pressure and more heating capacity. The max. heating hose length can be up to 60 meter.

  • BDF-IV
  • BOBO
  • Pneumatic drive
  • 1:1, fixed
  • 380V,50/60Hz, 3Phase

I Description
The high pressure polyurethane foam spraying machine BDF-IV is widely used for wall and roof thermal insualtion foam layer coating work.  Compare to spray foam machine BDF-II, the model BDF-IV is more powerful with heating capacity up to 9 KW, and the heating hose up to 60 meter long.  The high pressure foam spraying machine is the one with automatic feeding, automatic spraying and automatic cleaning work. Also it can be use for foam pouring, such as solar water tank foam insulation, freezer insulation, etc.

Polyurethane spray foam machine BDF-IV-1
Polyurethane spray foam machine BDF-IV-2
Polyurethane spray foam machine BDF-IV-3
Polyurethane spray foam machine BDF-IV-4

II Main technical data
No. Description Data
1 Flux Capacity 4-10 Kg/min
2 Max. Material Temperature 80 Centigrade
3 Mixing Pressure 5-10MPa
4 Heating Capacity 9.5KW
5 Max. Heating Hose Length 90meter
6 Driving Method Pneumatic driven
with air compressor
7 Electric Power System 380V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase
(can be customized)
8 Package Dimension 800x700x1250mm
9 Gross Weight 157Kg

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