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High Pressure Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine

The high pressure PU foam injection machine is mainly used for rigid foam product, such as the pre-insulated pipe, the pu sandwich panel, the insulated door, etc. As the two component (Poly + ISO) will be mixed by high speed Impingement, the mixing quality is better than normal low pressure machine.

  • GZ series
  • BOBO
  • PLC controller
  • Hydraulic drive
  • High speed Impingement
  • Automatic heating
  • with chiller (optional)
  • Manual feeding / Automatic pump feeding
  • Automatic blowing clean
  • 250L
  • 380V,50/60Hz, 3Phase (customized)
  • Industry grey (Customized)

I Description
The high pressure polyurethane foam injection machine is widely used for continuous and discontinuous foam injection work, for different kinds of rigid and semi-rigid foam products making, such as the sandwich panel, garage door and pre-insualted pipe etc.

The high pressure PU foam injecting machine is the high configration one with automatic material feeding, automatic cleaning system. Compare to the low pressure one, the operation and maintenance will be more easy and lower cost.

High Pressure PU Foam Injection Machine-2
High Pressure PU Foam Injection Machine-3
High Pressure PU Foam Injection Machine-4
High Pressure PU Foam Injection Machine-5

II Main technical data
Item Data
1 Injection pressure 10~20Mpa (adjustable)
2 Inject capacity 100g-200 kg/min (optional)
3 Mixing ratio range 1:5~5:1 (adjustable)
4 Material temperature control error range ±2℃
5 Mixing head LX1422-2K Double cylinder, Four Tubing
6 Hydraulic system Flow: 10L/min  Pressure: 10~20MPa
7 Tank volume 250L
8 Poly measuring pump JLB-55
9 ISO measuring pump JLB-28
10 Temperature Control System 2×9Kw
11 Motor power 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase, can be customized
12 Arm type Mechanical or pneumatic
13 Dimension 4100x1250x2300mm (arm included)
14 Weight 2800 kg

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