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CNC PU Gasket Seal Pouring Machine

The CNC PU gasket seal pouring machine is used to make the PU gasket/ seal on flat or groove by automatic pouring and micro-foaming in high speed movement.

  • MF-I / MF-II
  • BOBO
  • Two stainless steel tank
  • high precision with numerical display
  • Automatic pouring, cleaing
  • Any kinds of shapes
  • PLC control with LCD
NC PU Gasket seal pouring machine

I Description
The CNC PU gasket seal machine is used to pour the sealing strip with different shapes on plate or groove in high speed 3 axis movement. The self-skin surface of seal is smooth and elastic. The PU gasket sealing machine is equipped with high prevision mini pouring system for adjustable and reliable performance.

CNC PU gasket seal machine-1
CNC PU gasket seal machine-2
CNC PU gasket seal machine-4
CNC PU gasket seal machine-3

II Main technical data
No. Parameter Data
1 Working stroke 2250 x 1250 x 200mm (X/Y/Z axis)
2 Measuring accuracy ±0.2%
3 Working pressure 0-4MPa
4 Filtration accuracy 40-50um
5 Output capacity 0.6-5g/s
6 Seal gasket width 4-30mm
7 Mixing ratio 1:1-1:10
8 Working speed 0-20m/min
9 Re-positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
10 Requested air pressure 0.8MPa

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